Influence of Long-Time Work of 19th Century Modern-Type Roof Construction on Technical Condition of Vaults of Gothic Church

Ałykow K., Napiórkowska-Ałykow M., Influence of Long-time Work of 19th Century Modern-type Roof Construction on Technical Condition of Vaults of Gothic Church, (In) Di Tommaso A., Gentilini C., Castellazzi G. (Ed) Key Engineering Materials Vol. 817, Mechanics of Masonry Structures Strengthened with Composite Materials III, Trans Tech Publications Ltd, Zurich 2019, pp. 605-612

ISSN: 1662-9795



The gothic church (1384) placed near historical Silesian-Saxon border in Lubań/ Poland was rebuild in 19th century, following the conservator’s doctrine their time, for purification the architectonical style. The gothic nave became new neo-gothic vaults and roof with modern woodensteel carpenter construction. After a 100 years of rebuilding the nave, it was started to be visible damages caused by rheological processes in steel bars of modern roof construction as a cracks in the walls and both vaults, original gothic in presbyteries and 19th century in nave. The authors have analyzed the carpenter joint’s movements and deflection of members of moderntype carpenter construction and their influence on tension’s distribution in vaults and walls. The conclusions of analysis and the need of following modern conservators doctrine allows to choice the strengthen method for the wall’s and vault’s construction using FRP-technology.