On The Inadequate Modelling Of The Strucuture Of Architectal Heritage


Ałykow K., Napiórkowska-Ałykow M., O wadliwym kształtowaniu materii zabytków architektury, Wiadomości Konserwatorskie 41/2015, pp. 59-64

ISSN 0860-2395


In the article authors would like to discuss some important problems seen through the eyes of ours and other civil engineers who deal with these issues in their daily professional work, which refer to the way of educating those people who have real, and therefore the greatest, infl uence on the way our heritage is being modelled.
By carrying out our duties as designers and resident engineers, as well as university teachers, we can say with full responsibility that the current curricular content designed for engineering and technology universities, which is aimed at educating future civil engineers, does not prepare them to perform work in such a sensitive area as historic buildings and structures.
The authors hope that the problem raised in this article will spark off a fruitful discussion on preparing better and more precise educational program which will save both the national and the world heritage.