First The Roof Than The Walls. Influence Of The Political Situation On The Building Technology

Ałykow K., Napiórkowska-Ałykow M., First the roof than the walls. Influence of the political situasion on the building technology (In) Jasieńko J., Nowak T. (Ed) Structural Health Assessment of Timber Structures, Wrocław 2015, pp. 159-166
ISBN 978-83--7125-255-6


In this article, the authors present the influence of the political situation over the years on the development of technology in building engineering. New trends in art or in architecture, also in the Baroque epoch, moved within Europe from the west toward its eastern borders. Such phenomena made the development of the good building practices in Lower Silesia, first and foremost, dependent on the processes which were taking place in the German speaking countries. The conditions resulting from the influence of the religious doctrine on the shape of sanctuaries, depending on whether it was a Catholic or a Protestant sanctuary [1], was of great importance for the development of architecture in those epochs.
In this article, the authors have presented the Evangelical Church in Jelenia Góra-Cieplice [1774-1779 A.D.] and based on its example, they have traced the history of the construction of this building focusing on the evolution of the joinery work of its rafter framing. In the years 2010-2011, the works aimed at technical stabilization of particular structural elements of rafter framing were carried out in this church.
During the implementation of this investment project – at the stage of making technical evaluation and construction documentation on rafter framing – the authors discovered the presence of technical solutions suggesting that the original structure of the church was totally different from the one we are able to admire in present times.
Based on the available historical materials and the analysis of the existing structural elements, this article attempts to reconstruct particular stages of construction of the described church.