For the efficient preparation and conduct of a building investment, it is essential to have a professional and reliable partner with the appropriate knowledge and experience. Our Team has turned out to be a good partner in preparing and implementing numerous investments irrespective of their size and level of complexity.

Our Team specializes in developing comprehensive building and building restoration specifications. In the course of our business, we have designed industrial objects – both steel and wooden – also public buildings, bridges as well as alterations and revitalizations of listed buildings.

We prepare and we supervise investment projects. Acting on behalf of the Investor, we can carry out all the procedures involved in the investment implementation process – from selecting a contractor (e.g. pursuant to the Public Procurement Act), through investor’s supervision to project accounting assistance.


The residential and commercial building – a brick nogged timber construction (AD 1688)

Alteration of a residential and commercial building (built in brick nogged timber construction) in Bogatynia.

St. Anna Church in Lutynka with gate tower (from 16th century)

16th century church roofs and façade renovation; gate tower renovation

Parish Church in Jelenia Góra, Cieplice (AD 1774)

Rafter framing repair with roofing replacement in the late baroque church in Cieplice.